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About EO

The Economics Olympiad is one of the largest high school competitions in the Czech Republic  and  is  known  as  a  very  prestigious  opportunity  for  HS  students.  EO was founded in the Czech Republic in 2016 by INEV. In just a few years the competition had more than 64 000 students participating not only in the Czech Republic but also internationally. The EO is designed for students between 14 and 20 years of age with no preference about  the  type  of  secondary  school  they  are  attending.  The  competition  is  now supported by organisations as the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Czech National Bank, Société Générale, PwC etc. The Economics Olympiad is organisationally and professionally guaranteed by INEV. The Board of directors of the Institute consists of economists from the Czech National Bank and the University of Economics in Prague.

We aim to share the idea, experience, and know-how, which can help to improve financial literacy and economic education in the country. The International Economics Olympiad is bringing a large concept of international competition that is supporting economic educatio around the globe. It also brings the possibility to analyse international data and improve the economic knowledge across the countries.

Our goal is not only to emphasise the economic education, financial literacy and to analyse these international data, but also to inspire for change in education systems, to motivate students and build up an international competition which connects students from all around the world.

Thanks to our international network of organisers of the Economics Olympiad we are able to collect all data and establish a meaningful research which each participating organisation can use for further purposes – analysis, media, recommendation to governmental institutions or schools etc.



International Economics Olympiad Finals

September 12th, 2021|0 Comments

All the national Economics Olympiads already know their winners, which means only one thing – the International Final.  The International Economics Olympiad is taking place from 16th to 18th September. The best 5 students from [...]

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