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The Economics Olympiad is organized by INEV – a non-profit organization which was founded in 2016 in the Czech Republic with the aim to improve economics education, financial literacy and establish a platform which would identify and support young talents in economics and finance. Three years later, we can prouly say that we are already fulfilling this goal in the Czech Republic – more than 15 000 students from 337 high schools participated in the EO in the Czech Republic in 2019.

Moreover, we have established educational seminars about economics and finance for high school teachers, as we believe that quality teachers are the most important determinant of good education. Nonetheless, our ambition is not limited by national borders and thus we continue with our intention in helping to organize Economics Olympiad abroad – as it already works great in Slovakia and Hungary. In order to succeed, we are looking for partners capable of organizing the competition with us in their country.

INEV is led by our founder and director Martina Bacikova, together with a team of 15 employees and enthusiasts, as well as internationally recognized economics and finance experts in our academic board, which guarantees quality of our tests and curriculum.

The Team:



Martina Bacik
Founder and Director
Alexander Skouras
Deputy Director
Pavel Potuzak
Researcher & Analyst
Adriana Jarolímková
Senior Project Manager IEO
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