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Introduction Webinar for the school rounds


Introduction Webinar for the school rounds will explain in detail the questions of the EO school rounds sample test. This webinar "Ready for EO school rounds" will take place online on 13 February 2023 at 15:00 (timezone: Prague, Bratislava). The author of the test and all questions Pavel Potužák will guide you through the whole webinar and may answer questions during the webinar. The whole webinar will be recorded, so you can send this recording to all teachers and their students so that they can see how the test is designed. A sample test that will be discussed during the webinar is attached. [...]

Introduction Webinar for the school rounds2023-02-07T16:16:50+01:00

International Economics Olympiad in 2023? 8 new countries, at least 100,000 participants


This year, the International Economics Olympiad will surpass the 100,000 participants from all over the world. This all can happen thanks to INEV new partner - American foundation the Economic Fundamentals Initiative (EFI), that brings Economics Olympiad into 8 new countries! Over 100,000 students in a total of 17 countries will participate in the International Economics Olympiad this year. Compared to last year, this is an increase of more than two times. The originally Czech idea for raising awareness of the economics and improving financial literacy at high schools managed to significantly expand abroad this year thanks to a new partnership [...]

International Economics Olympiad in 2023? 8 new countries, at least 100,000 participants2023-01-11T05:44:50+01:00

International Economics Olympiad Finals


All the national Economics Olympiads already know their winners, which means only one thing – the International Final.  The International Economics Olympiad is taking place from 16th to 18th September. The best 5 students from each participating country will compete to be the most talented young economist among almost 30 000 high school students. From the last year, the Economics Olympiad has grown, and new countries are participating in the IEO. Apart from all Visegrad Four countries, also Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Greece, and Vietnam have become a part of the project.  The International Economics Olympiad will start on 16 September [...]

International Economics Olympiad Finals2023-01-10T22:01:12+01:00

Economic Games Brochure


School is supposed to be a game. It can be applied to every subject, including economics. Games are a great teaching tool, so Institute of the Economic Education decided to publish a brochure, in which you will find classic economic models explained by playing simple games. Each game involves an introduction in the topic, the game itself and a final discussion. Clearly described rules are available for each game. The games are designed for 45 minutes. It will entertain small and large groups. The author of the brochure is the Czech economist Dominik Stroukal, the publisher of the brochure is the Institute of [...]

Economic Games Brochure2023-01-10T21:53:22+01:00

The Winner of the IEO 2020 is Otakar Kořínek from the Czech Republic


Secondary school students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland competed in the international final of the Economics Olympiad, which culminated on 20 November 2020. Each country was represented by five students who had already successfully completed the national rounds. Otakar Kořínek from Gymnázium Nový BORG in Czech Republic won the Best Young Economist of the Visegrád Four Award. Jakub Laszkowski from Poland won second place, Mateusz Gil from Poland won third place. „I really enjoy economics, it is my favourite subject, so the victory in the International Economics Olympiad means a lot to me. The exam part of the [...]

The Winner of the IEO 2020 is Otakar Kořínek from the Czech Republic2021-09-12T11:57:37+01:00

Interview in Hradec Králové!


On 30th January 2020, in Hradec Králové was taken place regional round. Our interview ‘s participants were Adéla from Jiráskovo Gymnasium in Náchod and Velyan from Business Academy in Pardubice. “Test was well-designed, I would like to know something more about questions which were there.” Majority of student agree on that multiple-choice questions are easier than others. The main reason why Adéla participated in Economics Olympics was an economics course at a gymnasium, where she is studying. She is thinking that is very important to know basic terms and have a view of economics as a science in general. Velyan from [...]

Interview in Hradec Králové!2020-04-08T08:38:58+01:00

How are young people and society prepared for fast development of digitalisation?


12th February 2020 took place event „round table“ in Komerční banka with Institute of economics education (INEV). The main topic of discussion was: How are young people and society prepared for fast development of digitalisation? According to exclusive research, which was fulfilled by 6, 5 thousand students of high schools. This research was organised in December 2019 by Institute of economics education. 85 % of respondents are aware of the merits and needs of digitalisation and only 8 % of students are afraid of this future.   Winner of EO Pavel Králík said: “Before 20 years was the peak of digitalisation [...]

How are young people and society prepared for fast development of digitalisation?2020-04-08T08:38:58+01:00

The regional rounds have ended!


Today, on 14th February 2020, ended regional rounds of Olympics of economics. The participants are students, but teachers as their companions could enjoy plan full of lectures and competitions too. Thirteen regional rounds are over! The rounds took place from 27th January to 14th February 2020 throughout the Czech Republic. There was not only testing of course - there were a lot of lectures and debates with business leaders. Last but not least the students got some presents from our business partners as rewards. We would like to mention series of lectures from representatives of Komerční banka. The main topic of [...]

The regional rounds have ended!2021-04-23T14:42:57+01:00

We started the regional rounds!


The regional rounds will take place from 27/1 - 14/2/2020. The regional rounds will be happening all around the Czech Republic and more than 1000 students will participate. Besides testing, students can experience lectures and presentations from well-known economists or businessmen.  If you would like to know more about the regional rounds, follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram). The results will be released 6/3. Good luck!

We started the regional rounds!2020-04-08T08:38:58+01:00

The school rounds in CZ ended and we know the results!


The school rounds ended on 13/12/2019. 22 000 students from 396 schools participated in this year’s school rounds of Economics Olympiad from the whole Czech Republic. It is 59 more than the year before. From 1 to 5 students has advanced from the school rounds to the regional rounds. 1060 students will participate in the upcoming regional rounds. The average number of the earned points was 11. The best result was 24 points and two students from the whole country. You can find here the results from the school rounds to be able to know the students which will participate in [...]

The school rounds in CZ ended and we know the results!2020-04-08T08:38:58+01:00
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