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The Economics Olympiad is an impactful project improving the level of economic education and financial literacy in each partnering country. At INEV, we worked really hard to create the system that makes it pretty simple to start new local Economics Olympiads. 

Become a national organiser and bring this positive impulse to your country. Find the best talents between thousands of secondary school students, motivate hundreds of students to self-study and bring the motivation to understand our world, mankind and principles. 

With that, get positive media attention to your organization, have an impactful CSR activity or just do what you are excited about – helping young people to develop important skills to support a better future for us all.

What does it mean to become a national organiser?

You are bringing the Economics Olympiad to your country!

Your organisation is the official organiser of this prestigious competition and all the success of it comes to you. It also means that you take the responsibility for the professionalism, brand development and coordination of the necessary steps to grow the competition from year to year. We are here to help you to succeed and provide you with know-how, tips, consultations, materials, testing system, branding and much more.

What is expected from the national organiser?

Each national organiser is expected to bring the competition to their country and grow it from year to year. We believe that the EO should be an influencial and beneficial competition that helps students not only to succeed in life but also to develop interest in economics topics and financial literacy. In long term, we aim to engage the majority of high schools in each country and make this an opportunity for every high-schooler.


We are established organisation that would like to start the Economics Olympiad in our country. What do we need to do so?

At first, please contact us and schedule an introduction call together. We are happy to meet you and talk about your motivation, background of the organisation, your vision and purpose to see if you fit to the network of national organisers. We will also discuss more details about organisation of the EO, expectations and our support.

After we found out more about each other, we will move on with the organisational steps and official terms of the competition. When everything is clear, you make sure that your organisation is ready to start with the EO and we sign the agreement. You will receive an exclusive license for organisation of EO in your country and you can start setting up the Olympiad!





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